Important Java Questions

Important Java Questions

Here is a list of important java questions asked in majority of the interviews. Just have a look and get prepared.

What is meant by abstraction ?
What is an abstract class ?
What is access specifier ?
What is access modifier ?
What is array list ?
What are applets ?
What are the basic concepts of oops ?
What is a class ?
What is a constructor ?
What are the collections in java ?
What is a sub class ?
What is deserialization ?
What is Encapsulation ?
What is finalize() ?
Explain garbage collection in java ?
What is hash map and what is hash table ?
What is inheritance ?
What is interface ?
What is iterator ?
What are instance variables ?
Explain JVM ?
What is marker interface ?
What is an object ?
What is overloading ?
What is overriding ?
What is a package ?
What is polymorphism ?
Explain about super keyword ?
What is super() ?
Explain static block ?
What is serialization ?
What is a base class or parent class ?
What is synchronization ?
What is this() ?
What is transient keyword ?

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