Features of Java

The features of Java are,

Simple - Java is very simple programming to learn which is based on C++. No complex terms like explicit pointers and operator overloading etc. No need to destroy objects at the end after usage because there is auto destruction of objects in java named as Garbage Collection.
Object Oriented - Simplified software development and rules and maintenance is easier. The basic concept of oops are object, class, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, dynamic binding, message parsing.
Platform Independent - Compile it once and run it in any platform like windows, linux, solaris, etc... Java code units are converted into byte code  by the compiler. This byte code is platform independent.
Secured - Java is secured because there are no pointers and the program runs inside the virtual machine.
Robust - Java is strong in memory management.
Portability - Java byte code can be run in any platform and it can be carried anywhere in any platform.
Multi threading - Multiple tasks using multiple threads sharing same memory. Threads are separate program which runs concurrently.
High Performance - Java is faster.
Distributed - We can create distributed apps in Java.

The above terms are also called as buzz words in Java.

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